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The SlimTone Total Weight loss Program 

The SlimTone Total Weight Loss System, incorporating our SlimTone Total Diet plan is a successful way to diet because it’s designed to help you stick to three moderate meals per day and will help prevent snacking late at night or between meals.

The SlimTone Total Weight Loss System is a multi angle approach to weight loss. Complete with our Sensible Eating Guide and two of the worlds most advanced weight loss formulas: SlimTone Original and SlimTone Stimulant Free, when taken together are the most effective weight loss supplement combination ever created.

The SlimTone range of supplements work on the one simple principal; your body can only burn fat in the presence of calories in the form of protein or carbohydrates.

You must supply adequate energy (approximately 10%) in the form of blood sugar (carbohydrates) at all times in order to burn fat (or create a thermogenic response) this will also drastically reduce muscle wasting and possible metabolic slow down, making post diet weight gain less likely.

Online SlimTone Total Diet Plan